Washington Scholarships

Washington ScholarshipsObtaining a college education is no easy feat, especially now that the economy is still recovering from its recent recession. At this time, many students may be able to benefit from the various scholarships and grant opportunities available to them. In particular, the state of Washington offers some of the most generous scholarships and grants to students. These awards are not only restricted to permanent residents but many of them are also awarded to students who are not permanent residents of the state but have nevertheless chosen to attend school in Washington. Below are a few of the scholarship and grants options available to student in this area. (Apart from general scholarships and grants, opportunities are also available for specific fields.)

These are just a few of the options students looking for financial assistance can expect to apply for in Washington. Of course, when applying for scholarships or grants, you should reflect on your achievements and talents during high school. If you are looking to pursue studies in a particular discipline, you may also benefit from looking for scholarships specific to that field.


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