Businessman choosing tie at office

Along with verbal skills, experience, and practice, appearance and attire affect how you’re perceived during a job interview. That’s why you should do your best to show up looking as professional as possible. In other words, here’s what not to wear to an interview:


1. Shorts.

Even if you’ve got a decent pair of khaki shorts, you don’t want to show your legs at an interview. Play it safe a arrive in a nice pair of slacks.

2. White socks.

Leave your athletic socks at home and pick up a pair of navy blue or black socks that reach up the calf. You’re not planning on wearing athletic shoes to your interview, so why would you wear athletic socks?

3. Un-tucked shirt.

Tuck it in! Simple as that.


1. Short skirts.

If you plan on wearing a skirt to your interview, make sure it’s an appropriate length. As a rule of thumb, your skirt should not show your thighs while seated.

2. Too much makeup/jewelry.

Makeup and jewelry can help you look your best, but layering too much on can make you look more like a flashy pop diva than a job applicant.

3. Open-toed shoes.

Many offices have policies against open toed shoes. Rule of thumb: make sure your toes are covered when dressing for your interview.

Remember – you have 7 seconds to make a good first impression, so make every second count! You want your interviewer to focus on your smile, good handshake, and amazing personality – not your poor fashion choices.