You probably know firsthand that school is a place of extremes. There are awkward situations and triumphs galore. That’s why the excitement of any high school and college lends itself well to Hollywood. So here they are, the best films ever made about school:

10. The Emperor’s Club. Similar to popular Dead Poets Society, this film’s message isn’t just to seize the day, but to try to live a life of truth. A bold task for any high school flick.


9. Revenge of the Nerds. A comedy classic that chronicles a nerd crusade against the in crowd. A must-see.


8. The Social Network. The award-winning film about Mark Zuckerberg’s college days and his colossal invention: Facebook.


7. Good Will Hunting. An emotional story about a 20-year-old blue-collar worker who is forced to go to therapy and study advanced mathematics in order to avoid jail.


6. High School Musical. A group of kids dance down the hallways of a high school singing catchy songs. Sounds like Glee. Except not. In reality, HSM paved the way for the schoolyard musical. It’s also a quite a guilty pleasure.


5. The Breakfast Club. Out of all the films on this list this is probably the closest to vintage, as it shows the good time you can have even when trapped in detention. Definitely expect to feel nostalgic when you watch it.


4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Harry Potter? Of course. Hogwarts is as much a school as any other, complete with challenging courses, zany teachers, and just the right amount of teen angst.


3. Mean Girls.  One of the most a quotable movies of all time, this one fearlessly mines the depths of high school, with plenty of laughs to spare. With a script written by comedic juggernaut Tina Fey, what did you expect?


2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Here, the age-old quest of skipping out on a day of school is taken to the max, complete with a show-stopping parade, a cruising convertible, and the attempted avoidance of a particularly cantankerous principal. Perfect.


1. School of Rock. Perhaps the best movie ever made about rocking out, it’s also the best one about the classroom. At any rate, it’s definitely the loudest.