If you feel like your school’s given you the opportunity of a lifetime, then it’s about time to start thinking about how you can give a little back. The most effective way is to show your school pride, so here are five ways to do just that:

1. Become a Resident Assistant. If you want to lead your residence hall, and if you want to make some extra cash (most resident assistants receive compensation), then look no further: this is the opportunity for you. RAs are typically tasked with organizing community-driven activities and with fostering a sense of spirit, so this is a great way to wear your school colors on your sleeve.

2. Participate in orientation. Orientations are vital, as they’re incoming students’ first real-life experience on campus. To ease the transition to college life, and to show others what your school is all about, apply to be an Orientation Leader. Not only will you gain valuable leadership experience, but you’ll forge lasting friendships with fellow leaders.

3. Help organize campus activities. “All hands on deck” is as good a motto as any, and is usually the credo of organizational committees such as your school’s Campus Activities Board. They’re always for looking for help and good ideas, so if you regularly think of events, concerts, or social experiences you’d like to see on campus, then it might be about time to throw your hat into the ring.

4. Run for office. If you have any ideas for school-wide improvements, or if you’d like to be the face of your class, then consider running for student government, which will at once give you networking practice, organizational skills, and will allow you to represent your school.

5. Volunteer. Give your school a good name by lending a hand to the campus’ surrounding area, your greater community. Pitch in by dedicating just a small amount of your time to local shelters, wilderness areas, soup kitchens, or even help clean up a public park.