Working While in College

One of the worst parts about working is the very first step: getting out of bed. But now you can gain professional experience without changing out of your pajamas. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. By obtaining a virtual internship—a remote opportunity that allows you to work for a small business or company via e-mail or over the Web—you can work from home or from your local coffee shop. Though a relatively new phenomenon, virtual internships are picking up traction, and you can get in on the action by searching internship database sites. Here are five types of internships that are available:

1. Blogging. Write daily or weekly articles that revolve around a particular theme, issue, or subject. If you know a lot about technology, current events, music, fashion, or any niche market then this is for you.

2. Research. If you have a knack for math then you can help out as an analyst and crunch numbers in order to produce specific data. If a calculator isn’t for you, then you can help out a company or website search for and analyze other kinds of data or information.

3. Sales. If you have interesting ideas about how to brand a product, or how to identify target consumer markets, then there are a lot of companies and businesses that need your help.

4. Social Media. Social media whiz? If you’re active and effective on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Reddit, Digg, Squidoo, or Ning, then you have the potential to be an asset to nearly any professional organization.

5. Web Development. Try out web development if you’re familiar with HTML, design, or branding. Some companies are looking for just a basic understanding, so don’t be too intimidated. Go ahead and apply!

The point here: chances are you’re qualified for at least one field in the world of virtual work. Find the opportunity that suits you best and apply. Pair up with a company in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, or virtually anywhere else.