What is the 911 GI Bill?

The 911 GI Bill is a piece of legislation passed by Congress that provides an educational benefit to soldiers who joined the military on or after 9/11. By enlisting in the US Armed Forces, soldiers risked their lives and sacrificed an opportunity to receive an education. It helps the soldiers who are returning to civilian life by giving them the chance to receive the higher education they had to put on hold.

How can I take advantage of the 911 GI Bill?

9-11-GI-BillThose who have served in the military in recent years are covered under this bill. Under it, you have the opportunity to attend a post-secondary institution and receive generous tuition benefits. You may enroll at institutions of your choice and apply for various financial aid packages that make it easier for you to bear the costs of college. It is hoped that this education will allow you to pursue your professional growth in either the military or civilian sector in the future.

What are the long-term benefits?

People returning from service in the military have strong leadership and teamwork skills, but since they may have missed out on a conventional education, they don’t have the necessary higher education that most employers require. By taking advantage of the 911 GI Bill, you can get the necessary education, expand your skill set, and pursue additional employment opportunities.

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