Student Loans for Assumption College Students

student at assumption collegeLocated on a rambling campus in Worcester, Massachusetts, Assumption College is a 4-year undergraduate school with a Catholic affiliation. Over 2,100 students call Assumption home (and 90% of them live on campus for all four years, so campus is always vibrant) and they have a long, long list of strong majors to choose from. In addition to its traditional liberal arts curriculum offerings, Assumption can boast of having strong undergraduate business and professional studies programs. On top of all of that, Worcester is a pretty great college town Assumption is part of a consortium of 12 area colleges and universities, so there are both students and resources in abundance, and always something to do.

The Assumption financial aid program strives to make an education at Assumption affordable for all students who wish to attend. The individuals at the Assumption aid office understand that paying for college is often a trying process, and they seek to make it as transparent and as easy as possible for students at Assumption. The aid program is relatively strong, and aid officers are always available to speak with potential and current students about any financial questions they might have.

Applying for Financial Aid

There’s only one form required to apply for Assumption financial aid, so you can breathe a bit easier. All applicants have to submit is the FAFSA, more formally known as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the standard financial aid form at any and all colleges and universities. Check with Assumption for aid application deadlines, and then get your FAFSA in as soon as possible. Once you’ve sent it in, you’re golden — you will hear back from Assumption shortly thereafter (if you’re a high school senior, you’ll get an aid letter with your acceptance materials).

Assumption Student Loans

student loan calculatorAssumption has a sticker price of just over $47,000, so paying for an education there can be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, the Assumption financial aid program does a good job of meeting students’ needs. 88% of all incoming freshman receive financial aid through the Assumption financial aid program, and of the individuals who are on financial aid, 75% of their total need is met. The packages offered by Assumption consist of a combination of scholarships, grants, and loans, with scholarships and grants comprising 65% of the average package and loans making up the balance at 35%. Since the aid program is strong, some students find that they do not need to pursue additional funding. However, many students find that their aid packages fall short of addressing their total financial need, and these students often use a blend of federal and private student loans to cover their financial needs. If you’re in such a position, we recommend you use federal student loans first, as they have comparatively lower interest rates and better borrowing terms. If you exhaust your federal loan options, you should then turn to private student loans to cover the balance of your needed funds. To find the best and most affordable private student loan for you, check out our Student Loan Comparison Tool.

Pay for Assumption College*

Total Avg. Cost $44,065
Tuition $31,305
Room & Board $10,260
Financial Aid Information
Students Receiving Fin Aid 100%
Typical Grant Amounts
State/Local $1,924
Federal $4,809
%Receiving Loans 77%
Avg. Other Stud. Loans $13,002
%Receiving Other Loans 17%

Get into Assumption College

Admission Rate 75%
Total Enrollment 2,764
Men 37%
Women 63%
Graduation Rate 72%
Application Fee $50

Contact Assumption College

500 Salisbury St
Worcester, MA 01609-1296(508) 767-7000
Financial Aid Office URL
Admissions Office URL

*Data source is the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) the data collection program for the National Center for Education Statistics


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