Astrive Student Loans

Astrive studentsThe skyrocketing cost of college tuition coupled with a turbulent economy has made it very tough for average Americans to afford a higher education. Fortunately, there are a number of government and private funding sources that are designed to help students by providing a number of aid options. Though sometimes it may not be enough to cover the complete cost of tuition or other expenses, but private loans, on the other hand, have flexible borrowing limits, allowing students to obtain the money they need in order to pay for tuition, books, study materials and other expenses.

What are Astrive Student Loans?

At this point in time, Astrive student loans are not being offered. Astrive provided a way to obtain the funds to cover all costs incurred while at college. Although they are no longer offered, since 2004, Astrive helped thousands of students turn their dreams of a higher education into reality.

Applying for Astrive Student Loans

The application process was quite simple and straight forward. When they were offered, before applying, the first step was to get all financial information on hand. It was also essential to be enrolled at a college at least half-time in order to be eligible to apply for these loans. Moreover, two personal references, an acceptance letter from the admissions office at your college and proof of your or your parents’ income were all requirements to qualify.

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Benefits of Astrive Student Loans

Although Astrive student loans are no longer offered, other private loans can help you to obtain the funds you need in order to cover the entire cost of tuition and other expenses incurred at college. You can compare payment options with our comparison tool and find loans that offer low rates of interest and great repayment terms, making an excellent choice when deciding how to finance a higher education.

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