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bank of america loansBank of America is one of the nation’s largest banks, and was once a major student lender. However, as a result of the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent recession, Bank of America suspended their entire student lending program, which they have not since resumed. As such, students cannot receive Bank of America student loans to pay for their college education.


While Bank of America offered great borrowing options for students, in their absence, there are other lenders for those who exhaust their federal financing options and still need money for college. Private student loans are a good option to cover the remaining costs. In Bank of America’s student funding absence, other student loan providers can make college affordable by supplying students with much-needed money to pay for tuition, accommodation, books, travel, and any other college-related expenses.

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Bank of America acted as a third-party lender for federal loans before the Department of Education took over the process of disbursing all federal loans. As a result of the shift in the process of federal loan disbursement, Bank of America lost a large volume of its student lending. After the mortgage crisis and economic collapse of 2008, Bank of America had to suspend any further issuance of student aid for an undisclosed period of time.

Although Bank of America student loans are not currently being offered, you can always look for other options. By searching and comparing loans through our Comparison Tool, you can apply with several lenders, such as SunTrust or Sallie Mae.

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