CFS Suntech

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CFS Suntech student loans used to be a source of funding for non-traditional students with either extremely poor credit or a felony record. SimpleTuition does not now, nor has ever offered CFS Suntech student loans. Furthermore, these loans are no longer available on the public market, as Suntech no longer exists as a lending entity.

Suntech was acquired by Chase, which shut down lending under the independent Suntech brand. After some time, Chase shut down its private student lending program, which was the final step in shutting down any lending operations by or affiliated with the Suntech brand.


For students with poor credit history, and/or a questionable criminal background, there are a variety of other options that should work in lieu of these old loan types. For starters, federal loans are a good option that don’t take credit history or credit score into account, so students who have a poor financial history can apply for them and not be denied on the basis of weak credit.

If you exhaust your federal borrowing abilities, it’s possible to obtain a private student loan even if you have very poor credit: you just need to find a creditworthy cosigner. A cosigner is a person who will vouch for you, and who would be faced with the financial burden of the loan should you, the borrower, be unable to or refuse to repay the loan debt.

Loans with No Cosigner

These CFS loans were popular among student borrowers who were looking for loans that did not require cosigners. As mentioned above, the best option for student loans that don’t require a cosigner is to look into federal student loans. If you use up your federal loan allotment and need more funding, you may find that it is challenging to find a private loan without a cosigner. Do your best to find a cosigner, but if you cannot find one, look for grants, scholarships, and other free money sources of aid that can help you cover the cost of college.

If you do find a cosigner, check out our private student loan comparison tool. It allows you to compare loan options from a variety of lenders side-by-side so you can find and apply for the loan that’s best for you. If you’re more interested in free money forms of aid, such as scholarships, check out our scholarship center, where you can search for scholarships that you might be eligible for.

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