Citizens Bank Student Loans

college guysCitizens Bank has come a long way in the banking sector, as it has risen from being the fifth largest bank in the smallest state of the country to becoming one of the 15 largest commercial banking groups in the United States. Citizens Bank’s rapid progress is mainly due to a number of acquisitions, organic growth and a prudent lending policy. Citizens Bank is considered one of the most trusted names across international commercial banking circles. Citizens Bank has a detailed, yet concise website that helps borrowers make informed decisions. The clear-cut information is helpful, as students may gauge which online lender to approach.

About Citizens Bank Financial Aid

Citizens Bank student loans have a lot to offer. The options to choose from are tailor-made to fit almost any stage of a student’s life or degree program. From graduates to undergraduates, and from availability of private loans to assistance with federal loans, students find support and guidance with Citizens. Even though Citizens Bank does not offer consolidation, borrowers may still obtain loans.

Financial Aid Package

What are your financial aid options?Citizens Bank offers two kinds of student lending options: borrowing solutions for those who need private loans, and TruFit Student Loans, which are supportive loans for students when their federal or institutional funding has fallen short. As far as repayment is concerned, borrowers may enroll in the Citizens Bank student loan auto-pay program, which automatically deducts payments from borrowers’ accounts. Borrowers may also make payments online. Apart for this, Citizens Bank offers many added services, especially if you are interested in obtaining student loans. For example, exclusive money apps are available. With these, you can enjoy great discounts on your favorite products, which helps you save money. Green Savings is another innovative scheme, as the program rewards students for making paperless purchases. Here’s how it works: every time you pay without paper money you earn 10 cents. Thus, aside from its suitability in the long-term, Citizens Bank gives you a lot of daily options and provides different ways to lessen your financial burden.

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