College of Southern Nevada

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Where should you get that education? For many students, the answer is the College of Southern Nevada (CSN).

About CSN

There are all sorts of different programs for CSN students to choose from, including:

In fact, the school’s website has over 160 degree and certificate options available at the school.

Since the selection is so large, students from almost all walks of life head to CSN for an education. The school has the most ethnically diverse student body of any higher education institution in Nevada. Some students are older, hoping to brush up on a foundation of education that they already have. Some are younger, hoping to spend a little less money on foundation classes than they would if they’d enrolled in a 4-year institution of higher learning. Some fall somewhere in between, taking classes in order to make the world a little more enjoyable and a little easier to live in.

Life in Nevada

The sunny, warm climate holds many perks for students hoping to keep their costs down. Since it so very rarely rains in Nevada, it isn’t at all unusual for CSN students to head to class on bike or on foot. Since the sky is almost always clear, there’s no reason for students to spend a lot of money on expensive cars or costly bus passes. They can take advantage of the weather outside and head to class using their own body power.

Students who choose to rent or buy homes close to campus are faced with a bevvy of low-cost options. That’s because, according to MarketWatch, Nevada was hit hard by the housing crisis, and the state has yet to recover. That means students can purchase homes in Nevada for a lot less than they might spend in order to purchase a home in another state. Their landlords might cash in by buying low-cost homes and renting them to students in need. Since everyone is paying less for housing, students can reap the benefits.

Writers for MarketWatch also point out that residents of Nevada can save money at tax time, as the state has no income tax. That means students won’t be asked to shell out a great deal of money in April, when all taxes come due. Instead, they’ll be able to keep a little more money with them throughout the year, and they might choose to use that money toward the tuition and fee expenses they accrue as students of CSN.

While life in Nevada has its benefits, there are some students who prefer to live in other states. Also, there are students who already own Nevada homes and who don’t want to sell those homes in order to live a little closer to campus. These students have a big perk with CSN, as the institution offers many online classes. According to the school’s website, there are about 400 courses taught online only each semester. Some degrees can be obtained solely online, so students might never set foot on campus.

These options can really cut costs. Obviously, students with online courses need to spend money on computers and connectivity devices. They need that equipment in order to access their coursework and turn in their assignments. But, by enrolling in online classes, they can save money on fees associated with transportation, and they might not be required to make any kind of living shift at all. When courses are online, students can study wherever they are. For truly cost-conscious students, this can be an excellent option.

Making Ends Meet

There are all sorts of things CSN students can do to cut expenses and make college life more affordable. For example, many students choose to share their housing expenses with a roommate. Living with another person means spreading the expenses out among many, and that could be a big help when the monthly bills come due. In addition, some students become experts at cutting coupons and saving money at the grocery store. These smart students can still pull together healthful meals, but rather than eating out on expensive precooked food, they’re eating meals they’ve made themselves at a reduced cost. That cooking can translate into great savings in time.

Students may also find that they can save on costs directly associated with school. Rather than buying new books from the bookstore and keeping that book for independent study, some students develop intensive book-sharing programs. This allows students to purchase one book collectively and share that book throughout the length of the class. At the end of the course, students might have learned just as much as they might have if they purchased a new book. Instead, they’ve cut costs and studied with a friend.

CSN also has a history of helping students with expenses. For example, in 2013, CSN participated in the “Work for Your Book Assistance Program.” Here, students agreed to perform 10-20 hours of work for the school, and in return, they were given vouchers they could use in order to pay for their books. This is the sort of innovative program that can help students to stay in college. They’ll do work and get the books they need. This program, and CSN programs like it, could be a boon for college students.