Discover Student Loans

discoverDiscover Student Loans facilitate successful academic experiences, as well as careers, by offering financial support to students. With college and graduate school costs consistently rising, scholarships and loans have become a necessity in order to afford a higher education. Often times, federal aid and scholarships are not enough to cover costs, and private student loans, such as Discover Student loans, are a good source of funding to cover the financial gap. Discover Student Loans are an easy way to cover the Cost of Attendance (COA) in colleges and graduate schools, and as Discover says, “the cost of higher education shouldn’t get in the way of your success. Discover Student Loans can help.”

Borrowing Details

Discover Student Loans are certified private student loans that help in removing all financial obstacles for students pursuing a higher education. Students are encouraged to consider scholarship, grant, and federal student loans before they apply for Discover Student Loans, but if all of these other sources of aid are exhausted and a student is still in need of money, Discover Student Loans are exactly the answer Certified Private Loans (also called the Private Education Loans) are offered by Discover Student Loans. These loans can be obtained with 0% origination fee and a Graduation Reward of 2%.

Discover Student Loans can cover all the costs of tuition, books, accommodation and other necessary miscellaneous charges, less any financial aid received. The loans are directly paid to the institutions so that all the tuition fees are automatically cleared. Discover Student Loans are school and college certified to avoid unnecessary borrowing. Repayment does not begin on Discover Student Loans until six months after graduation. The maximum duration for repayment is 15 years.

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