Easy Student Loans

girl studying on grassA student loan is a type of financial grant that covers college tuition, the cost of books and living expenses. Student loans are designed to help the increasing number of students who cannot afford to go to college. The main distinguishing feature between a student loan and other types of loans is the low interest rate, in addition to a long term repayment schedule. It is now easy to get student loans and turn your dream of a college education to reality, and go on to obtain that dream job you have always wanted.

Why should I consider a student loan?

Today’s job market is entirely different from the one that existed a decade ago. A high school diploma is no longer considered sufficient for most entry level jobs – university degrees are required for nearly all well-paying jobs at major companies. However, college tuition hasn’t been exactly affordable by most people in the United States, and combined with tough economic conditions, more high school graduates than ever are looking for alternate ways to fund their education. After all, obtaining a college education is the key to obtaining a worthwhile job and securing your future.

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What types are available?

High school graduates today have an endless list of easy to get student loans available, including those funded by the federal government and a number of private institutions. Federal student loans are generally preferred by students because they come with very little conditions and an easy repayment plan. Stafford loans and Perkins loans are two of the most sought after federal loans, and allow students to fund their education at any university or college in the country. These loans do not have to be repaid until the student has graduated and found work in their area of specialization. Moreover, if the loan cannot be repaid due to any number of circumstances, the payment can be deferred for a certain amount of time. Additionally, students who are employed by a government organization or join the military after graduating can register for the Federal Loan Cancellation program, under which a certain percentage of the loan is cancelled for every year of service.

Over the past few years, private banks and financial organizations have introduced easy student loans as well. There are two types of private loans: school channel loans and direct to consumer loans. The former are delivered directly to the college and generally only cover tuition fees, leaving students to purchase books and meet living expenses on their own. Direct to consumer loans are handed over to the students, and it is up to them to decide how much to spend on tuition and other expenses. These loans generally have higher interest rates than federal loans, and are restricted to certain colleges. In some cases, repayment is required immediately after graduating, however, in most cases it can be deferred until suitable employment is obtained. Some loans are also restricted to certain programs, so it is important to carry out a thorough study before you apply for these loans.

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Types of Student Loans