Student Loans for Elon Students

About Elon University

Elon College changed to Elon University in 2001. It is a private liberal arts university located in Elon, North Carolina, that spreads over 600-acres (the campus has been designated as a botanical garden). The university has been recognized as the #2 Southern University, so receiving a degree from Elon is a noteworthy endeavor.

About Elon Financial Aid

Complying with the mission of the university to provide quality education at a reasonable cost, Elon financial aid is the institute’s effort to provide you with financial aid for tuition and room & board so that you may pursue your career goals without having financial worries. A variety of financial aid packages are offered by Elon so that you can choose one that suits your particular need and situation. Applying for Elon financial aid is simple; all you need to do is complete the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, which is available online at It’s important to complete and submit the application by the deadline so that you don’t to miss out on any financial aid opportunities.

Elon Financial Aid Packages

Elon financial aid offers awards based on both merit and talent. The merit-based awards include fellowships, presidential scholarships, and the Elon Engagement Scholarship. If you have skills in music, performing arts, or athletics, then you could receive a talent-based award to help you pay for school. Applying for these awards is simple, but make sure you read the eligibility requirements and find out how much money you might be eligible for in each Elon University financial aid program.

Private Student Loans and Elon

The option of private student loans is still available if you exhaust all of the options in your Elon financial aid package. The interest rate of a private loan could be higher than a federal loan, but this option can be helpful to fill the gap between your remaining financial need and what you receive from your financial aid package. Our Student Loan Comparison Tool helps you find, compare, and select a private student loan that will meet your remaining financial needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What merit-based scholarship and grant awards are available from the Elon financial aid office?

A:The Elon financial aid office offers a number of merit-based awards to help students cover the cost of their education. The awards available are Presidential Scholarships, Engineering Program Scholarships, Fellow Scholarships, Performing Arts Scholarships, Music Scholarships and Elon Engagement Scholarships. The amount of the award, the application procedure, and the criteria for eligibility varies for all of these awards. Students are encouraged to visit the Elon financial aid webpage for more information.

Q:What academic & scholarship programs are offered by the Elon University financial aid office?

A:The Elon University financial aid office offers scholarships in seven separate disciplines. There are Elon College Fellows, Business Fellows, Communications Fellows, Teaching Fellows, and International Fellows. The Honors Fellowships are for students with any major. On the other hand, Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellowships are for students interested in improving their leadership skills. The scholarship awards range from $3,500 to $12,000 per year.

Pay for Elon University*

Total Avg. Cost $38,975
Tuition $26,827
Room & Board $8,648
Financial Aid Information
Students Receiving Fin Aid 73%
Typical Grant Amounts
State/Local $4,322
Federal $5,278
%Receiving Loans 32%
Avg. Other Stud. Loans $7,542
%Receiving Other Loans 4%

Get into Elon University

Admission Rate 49%
Total Enrollment 5,709
Men 42%
Women 58%
Graduation Rate 81%
Application Fee $50

Contact Elon University

100 Campus Drive
Elon, NC 27244-2010(336) 278-2000
Financial Aid Office URL
Admissions Office URL

*Data source is the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) the data collection program for the National Center for Education Statistics


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