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About Endicott College

Endicott StudentEndicott College was founded in 1939 by Dr. Eleanor Tupper and her husband, Dr. George O. Bierkoe. Both of these revolutionaries believed in educating women for the greater good of society (in general) and also for the good of women in particular. Though the idea of women receiving a college education was ahead of its time in those days, it eventually caught on as America found its way out of the great depression and edged on towards WWII. Over the years, the college has grown. By 1944, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts officially allowed the college to grant both arts and science degrees. Then, in 1952, Endicott was accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Endicott College Financial Aid

Education at Endicott is not cheap; therefore, almost 85% of its student body receives some kind of financial aid. For those in need of financial assistance, the college offers a highly efficient financial aid program which handles all the needs of students. The office’s funding options range from institutional, federal and private funding to on-campus employment. Every year, the college distributes almost $32 million in financial aid among its students. Out of this hefty sum, $18 million is pooled by the college itself.

To qualify for financial aid at Endicott, students must fill out their FAFSA forms and submit all relevant documents on time. Students must also be U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens, and they should be enrolled in an approved program. Of course, they should also maintain their academic standing.

Private Loans and Endicott

While institutional and federal funding sufficiently funds most students, there are always exceptions. So, if you still need more to cover your educational expenses, private student loans are great alternatives. However, though private student loans are quicker and easier to obtain, they are more expensive to pay off. With this in mind, a free and easy Student Loan Comparison Tool is available right here on our website. Take care to fully calculate the pros and cons of private student loans, as this tool will help you weigh all of your options.

Pay for Endicott College*

Total Avg. Cost $41,654
Tuition $26,248
Room & Board $12,388
Financial Aid Information
Students Receiving Fin Aid 87%
Typical Grant Amounts
State/Local $1,245
Federal $5,209
%Receiving Loans 72%
Avg. Other Stud. Loans $9,326
%Receiving Other Loans 22%

Get into Endicott College

Admission Rate 53%
Total Enrollment 4,125
Men 32%
Women 68%
Graduation Rate 69%
Application Fee $50

Contact Endicott College

376 Hale Street
Beverly, MA 01915
(978) 927-0585
Financial Aid Office URL
Admissions Office URL

*Data source is the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) the data collection program for the National Center for Education Statistics

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