Get a Student Loan

bank loansStudent loans are provided by banks, the government, and financial institutions to help students pursue higher education at a post-secondary institution. There are many kinds of student loans, almost all of which have relatively low Annual Percentage Rates (APR) and flexible repayment plans. You can get a student loan to help pay for school and other expenses like books, study materials, and living expenses.

To get a student loan you can use SimpleTuition’s Student Loan Comparison Tool to view private student loan options from lenders like Sallie Mae, Discover, and SunTrust. These lenders offer multiple types of private student loans, some of which may be financially right for you. Filing a FAFSA with your school’s financial aid office will also open up opportunities for federal student loans, which you should pursue before getting a private student loan. Many colleges and universities are very expensive, and college costs continue to increase, which often means scholarships, grants, and federal student loans are not enough to cover college costs for students. If those forms of aid are not sufficient, private student loans are a good option to fill the financial gap.

With regards to private student  loans, most students prefer to get a student loan that is Direct to  Consumer. The Direct Consumer Loans’ checks are given directly to the student  so that they can use the funds in a way that best suits their needs. Some major  requirements needed to get a student loan are that you need to have a valid SSN, a good FICO credit score, and the list of accredited institutions  where you wish to study. Private loans require cosigners and the better the credit history of the cosigner the better chances of loan approval. Student loans are an  excellent way to help pay for school and earn your degree.


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