Iowa Student Loans

student loansWhen most people think about Iowa, they think about corn. This state has long been associated with agriculture and with straight-talking people who tend to work family farms. However, there’s a lot more to Iowa than simple farming. Iowa State University proves this point quite well.

Iowa State University Basics

There are over 100 majors to choose from at ISU, although many students do seem to choose majors that would help them in the industries for which Iowa is known. In the spring of 2014, for example, 889 students were majoring in animal science, while just 17 were majoring in human sciences. However, all of the major disciplines are available at this school, and there’s a robust selection of graduate majors to choose from as well.

Administrators report that students come from all 50 states and more than 100 countries to study in Ames. The city that houses the school might be small, but Ames is just 30 minutes away from larger Des Moines. Students who simply must get a taste of city life can certainly do so, and they might not need to miss classes in the process.

ISU is mainly known for its focus on academics, and its insistence that students graduate on time. Its “Soar in 4″ initiative ensures that students who enroll as freshman are paired with an advisor who can help them to plan their coursework appropriately, so they can complete their education without spending one extra minute in class.


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