Student Loans for Montclair State University Students

About Montclair State University

Montclair State, founded in 1908, was originally part of a New Jersey state initiative to develop a series of teacher’s colleges. Originally New Jersey State Normal School at Montclair, the school went through a few name changes, and as part of another statewide initiative to revamp higher ed, in 1992 the school became Montclair State University.

If you’re receiving Montclair State financial aid, it’s very important to throw together a budget that considers all possible costs, and not just the big items like textbooks, a meal plan, and study materials. You’ll definitely be taking some trips into New York City, and you might even head into Newark or Hoboken (maybe you’ll go to see the Cake Boss) – wherever you wind up going, you’ll want to make sure you have some room in your budget for personal spending. Nothing’s worse than being on Montclair State University Financial aid and then exceeding your budget. You’re already tight on cash, so don’t hurt yourself by spending money you didn’t plan on spending.

Applying for Montclair State Financial Aid

Cue the usual spiel: Montclair State is a public school, so you just have to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). That’s easy. The data you provide on your FAFSA allows the federal government and the Montclair State UniversityFinancial Aid office to determine your financial need. You’ll hear back from them with an aid package with your first (or next) tuition bill. Also, whenever you apply (or reapply) for aid, it’s good to ask about any ‘free money’ awards you could be eligible for, such as institutional grants or scholarships. A dollar that you don’t have to borrow is a dollar saved.

Montclair State and Student Loans

Again, this is pretty cut and dry: Montclair State University financial aid packages consist of grants, scholarships, work-study programs, and student loans. Some students get by without the loans, while others wind up taking the loans in their Montclair State University financial aid package and take out private student loans from a third-party lender. If you use up all sources of aid, from free money awards to federal loans, and find yourself short on cash to pay for Montclair State, consider a private student loan. To make sure you get the proper private student loan for you, check out our student loan comparison tool above. It lets you search, compare, and apply for loans to supplement your Montclair State University financial aid package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirement at the Montclair State Financial Aid?

A:The Montclair State Financial Aid Department has defined conditions for the students approved for financial aid at the university. This is termed as Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). With the help of SAP, the university ensures that the student is working hard, completing the classes and is on way to complete the degree program. In order to continue to be eligible for the federal and state financial aid programs, the students are required to demonstrate Satisfactory Academic Progress.


Pay for Montclair State University*

Total Avg. Cost $25,774
Tuition $7,042
Room & Board $12,140
Financial Aid Information
Students Receiving Fin Aid 75%
Typical Grant Amounts
State/Local $4,463
Federal $4,166
%Receiving Loans 62%
Avg. Other Stud. Loans $12,306
%Receiving Other Loans 15%

Get into Montclair State University

Admission Rate 47%
Total Enrollment 18,171
Men 36%
Women 64%
Graduation Rate 62%
Application Fee $60

Contact Montclair State University

1 Normal Avenue – 855 Valley Road
Montclair, NJ 07043-1624(973) 655-4000
Financial Aid Office URL
Admissions Office URL

*Data source is the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) the data collection program for the National Center for Education Statistics


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