National Student Loan Database

national loan databaseThe National Student Loan Database, or NSLDS, is essentially a huge set of records kept by the Department of Education that contains the details of virtually every federal student loan disbursed by the government. Every time a student takes out a federal student loan (for record-keeping purposes, these are known as Title IV loans) the details of loan and the borrower payments on it are sent to the Department of Education National Student Loan Database. The NSLDS also holds all records of any grants that have been issued by federal institutes. All records of a loan payment are sent to the NSLDS within 30 days of the payment being made. These details are sent by all involved parties including guaranty agencies, the Direct Loan Servicing Center and the schools or their agents.

The main purpose of the National Student Loan Database is to have all the information of all the financial aid issued by the Department of Education in a centralized location so it is easier to access for anyone. Anyone who has taken out a student loan can easily access all the information on their loan and grant at anytime they want. Students do not have to contact their school financial aid office or their loan provider as they can just directly get all the information they need from the NSLDS. Though it is a government organization dealing with paperwork-we know, it sounds terrible and complicated and really unpleasant-the NSLDS exists to help you out. If you have questions regarding the details of your federal student loans, you can go to the NSLDS and you should be able to have them answered. The National Student Loan Database can be accessed through the Department of Education website.

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