What Are Nelnet Student Loans?

Portrait of two male students using laptop while having coffee aNelnet student loans come from a conglomerate that is based in Lincoln, Nebraska. The company currently manages over $25 billion in student loans, and they specialize in administering and scheduling repayment. Nelnet has over 50 different subsidiaries throughout the U.S. and Canada that help to provide students with financial aid for their college education year after year. Working with the Department of Education, Nelnet provides assistance and regular feedback for students who are currently repaying their loans.

Nelnet Repayment Options

Nelnet was a lender that currently acts as an advisor for students who are currently undergoing loan repayment. Borrowers through Nelnet regularly receive information regarding the overall status and health of their loans as well as feedback on their loan repayment progress. If a borrower needs assistance in any area of loan repayment, Nelnet is well known for their ability to help borrowers navigate the loan repayment journey.

Nelnet also offers loan consolidation services, which can help borrowers to reduce the number of lenders involved in their student loans and thus lower their collective interest rate. The lowering of an interest rate on loans as hefty as student loans can save a student thousands in the long run. Finally, Nelnet offers several different types of loan repayment packages so that a borrower can choose a repayment package that is tailored to his or her specific needs.

For borrowers who need aid with their repayment who cannot or do not want to consolidate their loans with Nelnet, the company offers many other types of loan aid services. Some of these services include:

Nelnet in Education

Student loans are just one way that Nelnet is involved in the field of education, but Nelnet’s experience in education goes far beyond financial aid offerings. Nelnet is a company with many different divisions and services, including campus security solutions as well as transactions solutions. For students who need help perfecting their college essays, Nelnet offers a service devoted to just that as well. Education and career planning are also among the services offered by Nelnet and the list goes on. The fact that Nelnet has vast experience in the field of education beyond financial aid should make students feel secure. The company understands the many ins and outs of education and the expenses associated with it because Nelnet deals with all angles of education on a daily basis.

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