Part Time Student Financial Aid

financial aid advicePart time student financial aid is designed for students who are not enrolled in school on a full-time basis, but are instead both studying and working towards paying for their education. Today, many universities recognize the need to provide financial assistance to such hardworking students, and as a result, financial aid offices at many schools have established programs for part time student financial aid.

One of the requirements for most federal student loans and some private student loans is that the student must be enrolled on a full-time basis, which unfortunately eliminates a large source of potential funding for part time students. One very common form of part time student financial sid is the work-study program, where students can work on campus and contribute towards the cost of their education. Most work-study programs will employ students in a campus dining hall, library, gym, computer lab, or as an IT support technician.

Applying for Part Time Student Aid

As with receiving any form of financial aid, you must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with your school’s financial aid office. The information provided on the FAFSA will allow your school to determine your part time student financial aid award. Once you file the FAFSA, your application process will be complete, and you will receive a part time student financial aid package some time thereafter. The FAFSA will only make you eligible to participate in a federal work-study program, as federal grants and student loans are not available for part-time students. Private student loans may be a necessary part of a part time student financial aid package, as banks will lend certain loans to students who are enrolled in school on some sort of part time status.

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