The Post 911 GI Bill

American-SoldierThe Post 911 GI Bill is an education benefit program designed to provide financial assistance to veterans and service members who served after September 11, 2001 to help meet their educational and housing expenses. In order to apply for financial assistance under this bill, applicants must submit a VA Form 22-1990 to be processed by the Department of Veterans Affairs for evaluation of one’s eligibility.


Only individuals who meet the following criteria can benefit from the Post 911 GI Bill:

Once you submit your VA Form 22-1990, the Department of Veterans Affairs processes your application and will determine your eligibility for funds through the Post 911 GI Bill.

Key Features of the Post 911 GI Bill

The Post 911 GI Bill is designed to cover the education costs of students enrolled in graduate, undergraduate and vocational training programs. Only students enrolled in training programs offered by an institution of higher learning can receive financial assistance under this bill. Post 911 GI Bill includes three years of educational benefits, and the benefits that you receive are based on your service period, type of degree, and the state you live in.

Benefits of the Post 911 GI Bill

The Post 911 GI bill includes the following benefits:

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