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University of South Florida StudentsThe University of South Florida, also known as USF, is located in Tampa, Florida. Part of Florida’s State University System, USF is one of the region’s top research universities. Founded in 1956, grew rapidly and emerged a noteworthy educational research institution. Today, the university is the eighth largest in the country and 3rd largest in the state of Florida. The University of South Florida is ranked 9th worldwide in terms of patents granted, and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching classifies USF as a very high research’ institution. With 13 colleges offering degrees in everything from nursing and medicine to engineering and mathematics, world-class research facilities, a large Greek life community on campus and dozens of top tier athletic programs, USF is a great place to be an undergraduate.

Paying for college is never easy, but thankfully, the USF financial aid program lessens the financial burden of paying college tuition. The University Scholarships & Financial Aid Services office offers a large number of resources including step-by-step guides on how to fill out an application for aid. What’s more, USF financial aid can be checked and managed online through innovative software called OASIS’. You can check disbursements; manage payments and even register for classes all in one place! Also, keep in mind that once you receive aid, you should keep a close eye on your money spend responsibly, and save as much as you can!

Student Loans Available for USF Students

USF LoanUSF financial aid packages can include more than 400 scholarships and a large number of federal and state-administered grants. You can also take on a work-study program, or apply for a federal, USF or private loan in order to finance your education. If financial aid has been used up and you require additional money, check out our private student loan comparison tool that allows you to search and compare a large number of loans. You can easily decide which one best fits your needs and then apply for it in order to cover your expenditures.

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