Washington Student Loans

Guy studyingWashington has a wealth of educational opportunities. There are dozens of schools for students to choose from, all scattered throughout the state. Some schools are large, designed to serve a diverse student body. Others are small, providing students with an intimate learning experience. Still others fall somewhere in between, delivering education to those who need it.

Help for Washington Students

While it’s true that Washington schools are set up to accept and enroll students from almost anywhere, including overseas, officials in Washington seem determined to help the residents of the state get help with expenses associated with college. That’s why there are so many different programs and packages for students who have gone to school within the state, and who have graduated with a Washington high school diploma.

One such program, the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship, is made just for students who have graduated from a high school in Washington and who are planning to study:

Students who wish to tap into this help must be working toward a 4-year degree (not an associate’s degree), and they must be enrolling in a school in Washington. There are a lot of limits here, for sure, but the awards can be quite generous. For students who need help, this could be a good opportunity.

Another such program, the State Need Grant, is made for Washington students who live in households that bring in an income that’s less than 70% of the median income for the state of Washington. The grant amounts can vary from Washington school to Washington school, but they can be quite large. For example, students hoping to attend the University of Washington in 2015 could have received a maximum grant of $10,868. That amount of money could have made a student’s dream of college a reality, and it’s available through this program.

One more program, the WFAA Ethnic Awareness Scholarship, is designed for students of color attending a participating Washington school. The scholarship amounts are variable, and they’re quite small. The maximum offer is $1,500. Every little bit of money can help a student to pay for an education, and every scholarship doesn’t come with a promise of repayment. Students who qualify could really benefit from this program.

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