About SimpleTuition

At SimpleTuition, a LendingTree service, our goal is to make it easier for students and their families to afford a higher education. We offer tips, advice, interactive tools, and deals to ensure students plan better for the cost of college, pay less for college-related expenses, and are smarter about how they manage and pay back their student loans. Here's how we do it:

Student Loan Comparison: Comparing student loans is the single best way to save money on the cost of college. Finding the best lender for you, with the best rates and most favorable borrower benefits, could save you thousands over the life of your debt.

PayBackSmarter: Have loans but want to learn how to harness the power of extra payments to get out of debt faster and for less cash? Or just need to learn about your repayment options? This is your first pit stop on the road to a debt free future.

Since its launch in 2006, SimpleTuition has helped more than 20 million students and parents.