A two month perspective on empty-nesting

empty-nestingMy wife and I have now been ‘empty nesters’ for two months, but the excitement and wonder of how clean our house can actually be has not worn off yet. It is amazing to us that we now have at our fingertips three bathrooms to choose from and an array of sleeping possibilities with three bedrooms and an additional basement room – all for the choosing and all with clean sheets.

I still find it hard to believe that when we return from the grocery store the receipt is less than $100. Filling up two vehicles with gas is SO much nicer then filling up four.

Our evenings are now filled with reading, walking, gardening, fishing, and dates with other empty nester friends. We don’t have to worry about getting home at a special time, leaving notes on the table or recording threats on our kid’s cell phones if they are not home at a specific time. In addition, conversations at our dinner table do not totally revolve around education (even though we are both educators), future trips, when we can possibly retire, and the state of our union. Life is good at this modest home of parents with two kids away at college.

However, we also realize that unexpected college bills will arrive so we cannot completely absolve ourselves from our brood. Thus, conversation with our kids is still essential. We have weekly updates with our daughter at least 4-5 times a week. If we are lucky, conversations with our son might occur 4-5 times a month.

It has taken a bit of adjustment, but a smooth transition is starting to be evident in our household. That is, until last night when I looked at my wife and exclaimed, “I miss our kids!” I guess this ‘empty nest’ syndrome still needs some tweaking.


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