Shopping and saving in college

saving while in collegeMany college students love shopping, but more often than not, it results in unnecessary expenses. Shopping can be fantastic, to be sure, but it’s a great way to throw away money, and we’re trying to save.

If you break down typical college expenses, starting off with the essentials (tuition, room and board) then moving to some standard personal spending (eating off-campus, money for weekends), shopping for clothes and other relatively frivolous stuff falls far out of the realm of accepted expenses.

Depending on your budget, shopping can be something that’s an OK occasional indulgence, but if you’re trying to be frugal on a college budget, shopping can really burn through any cushion of cash you might have. Even if you have some cash burning a hole in your pocket, you don’t really need to shop, and while a new pair of jeans is way more exciting than an Econ textbook, the textbook is more important.

Prioritize your money. Learn how to window shop; that’s fun, and while it might kill you to not buy something you fall in love with, remember – you’re a college student. You can’t afford it.

If you’re going to ignore this advice every now and then, shop at places where you can get discounts. Edhance is a great tool for college students. It’s a program that offers student discounts and/or cash back when you shop at retailers who are partnered with Edhance. Membership in the program is totally free – you just sign up at, and your credit or debit card will connect with Edhance. Every time you purchase something through an Edhance retailer, you automatically receive that discount or cash back.

You have far more important things to spend money on than a new pair of shoes, like your education and your future. Be smart!


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