Veterans Administration

Financial aid for soldiersPeople who choose to enroll in the U.S. Armed Forces are making an enormous sacrifice on behalf of their country. They are often away from home for months at a time, in limited contact with the people they love, and their safety may be in danger. Since veterans do so much for the country, it’s not surprising that many private lenders want to give back through VA student loans.

Government Subsidies

Financial support for education is part of the package of benefits veterans receive. The Post-911 GI Bill provided by the Veterans Administration (VA) is just one of the ways military members can gain an education without going into debt.

Through this program, military members who meet certain eligibility requirements can receive stipends that can cover:

  • Tuition
  • School fees
  • Housing
  • Books
  • School supplies

Those who don’t want to attend school, but who want to support a beloved family member’s desire for an education, can even transfer their benefits.