ACS Student Loan Consolidation

acs student loansAffiliated Computer Services, Inc. is an independent servicer that is well-recognized for its impressive business outsourcing solutions and IT services. Owing to its successful endeavors and credible services, ACS has gained the trust of a global clientele and has successfully collaborated with the federal government, private clients and institutions to service students. ACS became part of Xerox Company in 2010. Over the years, ACS has gained a respected reputation as the nation’s only servicer that offers an open market approach, making it possible for numbers of students to benefit from their remarkable service program.

Loan Packages

ACS assists students by helping them find the perfect package and by managing the loans for the lender. ACS also assists students by helping them get federal aid, including Stafford, the Perkins, or the Direct PLUS loan for parents. For graduate and post graduate students to get a Direct PLUS Loan, ACS assists by taking on the role of a manager. As there can be more than one loan the whole process can become quite complex but it is here that ACS provides a very useful service by helping to combine multiple loans into a new single payment plan. The ACS consolidation service process becomes very manageable for students because of the low payment at one online location.

Applying For Loans

There are certain factors considered before using ACS-serviced student loans as a student. For government aid, the standards given by the government must be considered. The next consideration is given to the school and its various rules and regulations. If the money is coming from a bank then the credit history is taken into account or an acceptable cosigner is required.

For all kinds of Federal loans it is necessary to fill out a FAFSA form. The form can be found online at Once a response is received, you may proceed either by accepting the awarded loan amount or by applying for more through ACS by registering on their website. All you need to do is to make an online student account where you can make free online payments and view your information. The process has been made even easier with their e-signature option.

Private Loan Option

If ACS’ student loans services do not fulfill your entire financial need then you can always look for private lenders. Our Comparison Tool will allow you to search and compare different private aid offerings; from there, you can easily pick the option that best suits your financial needs.

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Types of Consolidation