AES Student Loan Consolidation

aes student loansIf you want to pursue a college degree but do not have the necessary financial resources, consider student loans. They are one of the many types of financial aid available for students who need money for college. Student loans are offered by the federal government as well as private lenders. Compared to private loans, loans from the federal government usually have a lower rate of interest. As the cost of education is very high, students may need to take out more than one loan to manage their educational expenses.

About Student Loan Consolidation

Paying down 3 or 4 loans simultaneously is never easy. You may miss your monthly payments or struggle keeping a track of how much you have to pay on each individual loan. Student loan consolidation programs are designed to help solve these problems. They allow you to combine your multiple student loan payments into a new single payment, which makes the process of repaying your student loans much easier. A number of financial institutes offer student loan programs – AES is one of them.


The AES student loan consolidation program allows you to consolidate your student loans, helping you avoid the hassle of multiple payments. Whether you are struggling with your private or federal student loan repayments, you can make use of student loan consolidation and end your worries. You can apply for this service if you are currently paying your loans or if you have recently graduated.

Also, parents with PLUS loan can benefit from this program. However, you must remember that to benefit from this consolidation program, you must not be in default of a loan. The major benefit of this student loan consolidation program is that instead of worrying about repaying your multiple loans with multiple interest rates, you will only have to repay one loan at one rate. All of your student loans will be simplified into one fixed rate loan, which you’ll pay over a fixed repayment period.


Types of Consolidation